Converting the world

Coating machines & new market trends

In the recent years, thanks to a consolidated thirty-year experience in the coating business, Guzzetti has developed and supplied increasingly performing and “customized” lines for the most demanding customers aiming to produce with the same machine conventional adhesive tapes as well as special products like laminates, protective films, masking tape and double-sided adhesives.  Nowadays GUZZETTI “multi-purpose” lines can use both solvent and water-based acrylic adhesive as well as solvent-based adhesive with natural rubber

Having the possibility to produce with the same machine water-based, solvent-based and solvent-acrylic based adhesives using different coating technologies (mayer bar, rotogravure and doctor knife roller) has become a prior necessity.

Besides considerably increasing the production flexibility, this innovation makes up for the temporary shortage of raw material, a phenomenon that has been significantly accentuated worldwide in the recent months.

Most recent lines supplied in Europe and overseas come with a system of coating heads positioned on trolleys easily interchangeable which are a guarantee of maximum flexibility when frequent production changes are required by the market.


GUZZETTI production for 2022 includes the construction of four different coating lines, with a web width ranging from 1400 mm up to 2700 mm, variable speeds up to 400 m/min and integrated solutions such as coupling, primer station, release, ovens with drying gas, diathermic oil or steam etc etc.  Two of these lines will be complete with the system already mentioned with variable coating heads.

All lines are assembled in our headquarters in Italy, Turate (Como) and tested in white (without adhesive) before being shipped to customers.

If you are taking in consideration the investment of a coating line and wish to gather all possible information to help you in your decision-making process, we shall be more than pleased to have you here at our headquarters in occasion of our factory tests.   During tests you will be able to deepen all technical aspects with our staff and investigate about the best solution to better satisfy your current and future needs.

Just let us know whether you would be interested in attending next tests and we shall give you notice of possible dates as soon as known giving you plenty time to plan your visit.