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IST 600

Semi-automatic double shaft slitter rewinder, extremely flexible and ideal for labelstock.

IST 600 is available in its standard version, cheap and simple, and can be equipped with several options and automation according to the materials, the production and the performances, to reduce down-times and operator’s intervention.



  • Unwind
    Integrated shaft-less unwinder stand, suitable for web unwinding in both directions.
    Pneumatic brake or electrical drive motor
    Dancer roll for tension control
    Automatic guider for edge or printed line
  • Web run and control
    Driven draw roll, with pneumatic actuated nip roll
    Aluminium or covered web run rolls
  • Slitting system
    Razor-blade type, fix or oscillating, for in-air or on grooved bushes slit. With independent pneumatic circular knives, interchangeable to the shears, for tangential shear slit or semi wound (optional). Grooved counter bushes, assembled on driven expanding shaft, used both with the blades and the knives. Knives and grooved bushes positioning by manual adjusting
  • Centre assisted rewind with lay-on rollers
    Ball frictioned shafts or pneumatic expanding shafts suitable to rewind in both directions, driven by single or double motor
    Couple of pneumatic actuated levers with lay-on roller, full width, counter roll and arrangement to add single groups with nip rolls for each reel for each winding shaft.
    Ultrasound sensors for constant detection of the growing reels diameter


  • Web width: up to 2000 mm
  • Speed: max 500 mpm
  • Max rewinding Ø: 800 mm

Technical data

  • Web width: up to 2000 mm
  • Speed: max 500 mpm
  • Max rewinding Ø: 800 mm