Converting the world

CR 190

It is a slitter of new design which combines the features of a fully automatic slitter keeping the flexibility of a semi automatic rewinding slitter.
The slitter is equipped with a system for the loading of the empty cores and unloading of the finished rolls without the need of the operator. The shafts with the finished rolls are discharged from the machine by means of a robotized system complete with 2 mechanical arms. The same arms will take care to replace the shafts with the empty cores in the proper position inside the machine. Finished rolls are normally discharged horizontally or vertically to be transported by means of modular belts to a packaging line.



  • High flexibility for the conversion of all types of pressure sensitive tapes
  • Fully automatic cycle with paper tab deposition, final cut, loading and unloading of shafts
  • Possibility to be equipped for razor blade, score or shear cutting
  • Dedicated or universal cutting tooling
  • One version to convert non adhesive materials by applying a double side tape strip
  • Different types of unwind stations: braked or driven, with expansion shaft or shaft-less type
  • Possibility to be equipped with Pack Rolls station for “fish eyes free” winding
  • Possibility to interface it for connection to packaging lines
  • Cutting size quick change in option


  • Cycle time for 50 mt: 34 sec.

Dati produzione

  • Cycle time for 50 mt: 34 sec.