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PG 40

Automatic Portal Palletizer to pick up cardboard boxes from an infeed conveyor and place them on a pallet with great precision.



  • Manual positioning of pallets
  • Different functions:
  • Palletization of standard pallets
  • Palletization of pallets or Carton pallets with manual interleaving.
  • Automatic piling up of two complete pallets of reduced height
  • New graphic software type Drag and Drop to optimise and set-up product arrangement of the first layer by simply moving and turning the ‘box’ or ‘roll’ symbol on screen. Additional layers are automatically positioned as per the desired, pre-set configuration.
  • MMI interface with an industrial computer complete with: 12” membrane touch screen mod. TFTXGA. Truck ball cursor MMI software “Wonder Ware in Touch (.=” for: Graphic configuration of pallet layers type / Drag and Drop / Saving of production recipes on Hard Disk, Floppy, USB external discs or Ethernet / Recipe selection / Saving and export of the single recipe.
  • Machine control with all alarms.


  • Pallet dimensions: 1100 x 1300 mm
  • Weight capacity: 40 Kg.
  • Max. package dimensions: 400 x 450 mm
  • Pneumatic power: 6 Atm.
  • Air consumption: 35 lt/min.


  • Output: 10 boxes/min.