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PG 20

The main innovative peculiarity of this brand new palletizer mod. PG 20 is the extreme management simplicity given by the complete automation of the whole process.
The carton boxes to be palletizzed coming from the carton erector by means of a conveyor belt, will arrive at the “grabbing” position.
The empty pallet will be positioned manually in the proper assembly for pallet positioning.



  • Manual positioning of pallets
  • Different functions:
  • Palletization of standard pallets
  • Palletization of pallets or Carton pallets with manual interleaving.
  • Automatic piling up of two complete pallets of reduced height
  • New graphic software type Drag and Drop to optimise and set-up product arrangement of the first layer by simply moving and turning the ‘box’ or ‘roll’ symbol on screen. Additional layers are automatically positioned as per the desired, pre-set configuration.
  • MMI interface with an industrial computer complete with: 12” membrane touch screen mod. TFTXGA. Truck ball cursor MMI software “Wonder Ware in Touch (.=” for: Graphic configuration of pallet layers type / Drag and Drop / Saving of production recipes on Hard Disk, Floppy, USB external discs or Ethernet / Recipe selection / Saving and export of the single recipe.
  • Machine control with all alarms


  • Pallet dimensions: 1100 x 1300 mm
  • Weight capacity: 40 Kg.
  • Max. package dimensions: 400 x 450 mm
  • Pneumatic power: 6 Atm.
  • Air consumption: 35 lt/min.


  • Output: 5 boxes/min.