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LG 500

The LG 500, another fully automatic logger of our production line, particularly conceived for the rewinding of adhesive tapes on 3” or 1,5” diameter cardboard cores up to a maximum rewinding diameter of 500 mm.%0ALike its sister LG 210, also this machine can be equipped to run in automatic continuous cycle adhesive tape products as well as materials with a non adhesive back side like aluminium foil or any other product with the adhesive side covered with a liner.


  • Suitable for the processing of any kind of adhesive material (and also non-adhesive material in case of the special version N.A.)
  • It rewinds material on 3″ diameter cores and can also be equipped to rewind on 1,5″ diameter cores.
  • Supplied with one pressure roll to rewind with contact.
  • Prearranged to be equipped with a score cutting system and a trim-winding device.
  • It is equipped with an automatic device for the deposition of the final cut paper band.
  • It can be supplied with a special device to apply a strip of adhesive tape on the exterior side to finish the logs of some double coated materials.
  • It can be totally enclosed for soundproofing against noise pollution in the plant, in compliance with the most rigorous regulations on the working environment.

Technical data

  • Web width: 1000 mm÷2000 mm
  • Max rewinding Ø: 400 mm

Production data

  • Cycle time for rolls of 66 mt: 40 sec.
  • Cycle time for rolls of 1000 mt: 3 min. and 30 sec.
  • Max rewinding speed: 350 mt/min.